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AW Spotlight

The Wolves Den, a Special Place for Fitness

By Krista Martinelli


“If you can’t give yourself a few hours a week devoted to your health, you’re on the wrong sheet of music,” says owner of The Wolves Den Fitness Center Tom Fragale.  Located inside WinstonTrails community in Lake Worth, The Wolves Den is a very focused fitness center, open to the public and aiming to help people meet their goals.


Tom is a body builder himself, as well as a black belt martial artist. He’s competed on many kickboxing and martial arts teams over the years. His daughter Ashleigh (23) is a bikini NPC competitor and his son Anthony (21) is also an NPC (National Physique Committee) competitor. Along with two other excellent personal trainers – Holly Fitzgibbon and Helen Strauss – they make up a team of well-rounded coaches.


“I’ve trained everyone from young kids to older adults,” says Tom. He has over 30 years of experience in personal training with multiple certifications, including basic, advanced, elderly, golf and a few others.  Whatever your specialization, physical issue or goal is, Tom and his staff are able to help you with it. They are able to help people with post-surgery, post-injury, weight loss, strength & conditioning, competition training and sports-specific training.

Tom with one of his happy clients.

Tom with one of his happy clients.

Tom says that some personal trainers make the mistake of “overdoing it.”  And then 90% of the people trying to lose weight or get in shape are turned away by a myth – that it’s too hard to do. “It’s not as hard as you think,” explains Tom.  It’s a commitment that involves strength training, cardio fitness and eating properly – not to be confused with dieting.

“Don’t wait until you’re hungry and don’t eat until you’re full,” he says. Just eat smaller meals every three to four hours and eat until you’re 70% full, for example – not stuffed.

Training with a personal trainer is a “life-changing experience.”  Tom calls his own training style personable, adapting to each client.  “We can train people very gently if needed.  For someone who wants to train harder, we can do that too.”

What do people say they like about the Wolves Den?

One client, Judith Madison, who works out at the gym regularly says, “I love it here! It’s so immaculate how everything is here. Tom’s take-over of this fitness center was such a gift to this community. And the greatest gift for me was my personal trainer Holly Fitzgibbon.”  Thanks to her personal training sessions, she’s been able to get through a knee replacement very well and gently work through it.

Personal trainer Holly Fitzgibbon with her client Judith Madison

Personal trainer Holly Fitzgibbon with her client Judith Madison

Another thing a lot of people like is that it’s smaller than a lot of other gyms, yet has all of the same accommodations. From basic work outs to body building, you can accomplish your goals here. It’s a 4,500 square foot gym with separate rooms for cardio and weights. There are also steam rooms and saunas included.

They offer half hour and one hour sessions for the personal training. Packages are available for multiple sessions.  Another popular option is small group training, for up to four people. You can save by doing your personal training with a small group.

What kinds of classes does the Wolves Den offer?

Kids' Karate Class at the Wolves Den

Kids’ Karate Class at the Wolves Den

At the Wolves Den, you can find classes in yoga, circuit training, zumba, spin and karate. There are karate classes for kids and for adults.  And more classes are on the way! Another nice thing about the Wolves Den is that you can visit a class, like yoga for example, and pay a one-time fee.  No one corners you in a little room and spends twenty minutes trying to get you to join the gym.  They just don’t operate that way at the Wolves Den, thank goodness!  Many people from neighboring communities visit the Wolves Den for their excellent classes and training.

Why is it called the Wolves Den?


Tom and his family are the proud owner of three wolves!  He loves wolves and got their first wolf in 1992.  “It’s only fitting that we called the gym The Wolves Den,” he says.

How have people recovered or improved on their strength at the Wolves Den?

Tom and his team have helped rehabilitate stroke victims and cardiac patients.  They have also worked with a lot of people after their shoulder surgeries, hip surgeries, sports injuries and just on general wellness. “I enjoy seeing improvements,” says Tom. “Whether it’s an athlete or someone learning how to walk again.” He’s fond of saying that he enjoys it so much – “If I didn’t do it for money, I would still do it for free.”


About Tom and his family

Tom took over the fitness center in September of 2013 and named it The Wolves Den. He did a complete, 100% renovation of the fitness center!  Previous to that, Tom was a business owner and was in the military.  His two youngest children are NPC competitors and personal trainers at the Wolves Den.

“I always knew that someday I would open a gym. I knew I wanted to make it family-friendly and more personal. And that’s what we have achieved here at the Wolves Den.”




Hours at the Wolves Den

Monday – Thursday: 5am to 9pm

Friday – 5am to 6pm

Saturday – 7am to 5pm

Sunday – 9am – 1pm



The Wolves Den

(Located inside WinstonTrails’ Clubhouse)

Open to the public!

6101 Winston Trails Blvd, Lake Worth, FL33463

Visit their Facebook page!

(561) 439-4645

Tom’s cell – 561-329-3656


Kent Farrington Stable tour, sponsored by Rolex and Breakfast Catered by International Polo Club Catering

Story and Photos by Lois Spatz


After years of taking photos out in Wellington at many events of equestrian essence, never have I seen anything quite like the Rolex-sponsored press conference and spectacular breakfast by IPC Catering. And this equestrian-obsessed photographer was delighted to be included on the Rolex invitation list for an intimate tour of the Kent Farrington stable – with Kent Farrington.  


Since 1998 Kent Farrington has fulfilled his childhood dream of riding in many equestrian jumping competitions all over the world. A photo of his mother in the saddle inspired the young Chicago boy to start riding lessons in a carriage house off Michigan Avenue.  His passion, determination and discipline brought him to a place of gold trophies and grand prix metals and a love of beautiful horses that he generously offered to share with the media this January morning.


Entering Farrington’s barn office filled with hundreds of trophies, metals, ribbons and folded inscribed riding blankets from each competition, my eye catches a gold metal from the 2011 Pan American Games. There are many many more winning trophies and metals including the 2013 Trump International Grand Prix, FEI Nations Cup, Gene Mische American Invitational and the FTI Grand Prix. From the Hamptons to Dublin, Farrington is living his dream with a sense of pride and passion that is evident the moment you meet him.


The morning starts with colorful selections of mini quiches, fresh fruit and mini bagels filled with salmon and cream cheese, served with fresh hot coffee and chic chilled cucumber rosemary water. Wellington catering guru Aaron Menitoff, who also presents the polo brunch at IPC on Sunday mornings, carefully manages his meticulous display of yummy bite-size breakfast delicacies.


Aaron Menitoff of Aaron’s Catering


After a brief seat on the outdoor terrace overlooking Farrington’s private jumping course enjoying my croissant, I looked over as a young man appears dressed in a neatly pressed personally-embossed black jacket, pure white riding britches and black leather boots wearing his Oyster 35mm steel and platinum Rolex.


Farrington greets reporters and photographers with grace and warmth and a smile on his face, as he introduces us to his prize Kpwns, Hanoverians and Holsteiners, (the crème of the crop of breeds for equestrian riding). It brings us to realize he really loves each and every one of his horses and he is in his equestrian heaven.


Noting the warm brown maple wood of the stables glistening in the bright winter light through the black railings, I set my eyes upon Uceko, a grey gelding with a pure black mane and tail and deep dark eyes. One of Farrington’s favorite horses, he explains, and one that has brought many wins in the Winter Equestrian Festival as well as many other places in the world.


As one would imagine, Farrington’s stable is filled with top of the line tack, giant washers and dryers and lots of equestrian health products but the thing that is most noticeable is how meticulous and organized this young man is and how he has so much pride in this place he calls home.


After our tour of this large Palm Beach Point property we were excited to ask a few questions.


Kent Farrington


AW: Some of our readers may not know too much about the sport of equestrian jumping. Can you explain a little about the sport?


KF: The closest comparison is Formula One Racing. In Formula One, there is a designated course, and the principle is to compete in that course based on speed and detail. The key to it is figuring the shortest route that bears the best detail in the shortest amount of time.  A great pit crew in jumping is proper nutrition, fitness and top-notch blacksmiths.



AW: What makes a horse a good jumping horse?


KF: The horses are all individuals and have their own personalities, and you have to be able to adapt and change to maximize everything about each particular horse. A good horse is afraid of nothing, but careful of every obstacle. And the horse has “heart” and a will to win that surpasses everything.


AW: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment so far?


KF: What is most important to me are the things I haven’t achieved yet. I look at the empty spaces and try to imagine what I want next.


AW: Do you have any superstitions?


KF: No, other than making sure I am properly prepared for each show, I believe that superstitions are a weakness.


AW: If someone is interested in equestrian jumping, what are three key pieces of advice that you would give them?


KF: Surround yourself with the best people. Do not forget what you are there for and work hard to follow the rules. Keep trying no matter what and have the resilience to ride out the down times.


Rolex has been a proud sponsor of equestrian competitions for the past 50 years and continues to bring class and excellence to the industry.



Lois Spatz, a Chicago native, has been a Wellington resident since 2004. Her time is shared between her family, friends and career as a professional photographer, writing whenever she has the chance. Lois’s Instagram ( Loissp) states that travel and photography fill her soul and she believes love can change the world. Visit her website too – for more information on LS Photos –


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