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September, 2014 - A Few Headlines

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AW Spotlight 

Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie

Teaching Confidence to Kids

By Krista Martinelli

Smile and Say "Om!"

Smile and Say “Om!”

Kidding Around Yoga is a terrific thing for kids, with many benefits to their bodies and minds. “Yoga teaches kids different ways to calm themselves,” says Bobbie Myers. “If we start them at a younger age in finding peace within themselves, they might not have to look outside themselves to find happiness.”  As Bobbie explains, a lot of relationships fail because people say “that person doesn’t make me happy anymore. You should be happy with yourself.”

Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie

Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie

If you ask parents what they like best about Kidding Around Yoga, they often say that it helps their kids to focus better.  If you ask the kids what they like best, they frequently say that Bobbie has “cool toys.”  “They don’t realize that these are tools for teaching,” says Bobbie. These yoga class toys include the Hoberman sphere, bubbles, feathers, pom poms, a talking stick and other helpful tools.

“By the way, the talking stick is a great tool that some parents end up using at home – for example to help siblings take turns talking and to help keep the peace,” explains Bobbie.

Kidding Around Yoga is an international organization with many chapters. Bobbie is teaching at several local schools in their aftercare programs around Palm BeachCounty. She’s also teaching at a school for autism called Amazing Abilities. With some of the aftercare programs, it’s “shoes on, no mats yoga,” only because of the sheer number of kids, sometimes as many as sixty.


Cool toys are also yoga teaching tools, including scarves, masks and pom poms.

Bobbie realizes that kids bring their home issues to yoga. In their worlds, sometimes there’s domestic abuse or a divorce going on. Some of these kids will turn to drugs or to the wrong people. “Yoga is a happy, safe place, a good alternative for these kids.”

Here are just a few of the many benefits of doing yoga.

  • Strength
  • Better digestion
  • Better breathing
  • Improved circulation
  • Confidence
  • Stretching (works well with other sports)
  • Better focus
  • Improved quality of sleep

Just as some parents enroll their children in karate for the discipline it teaches, parents enroll children in yoga because it teaches respect and self-discipline. “Yoga teaches the mind self-defense,” says Bobbie. It teaches you to control your mind, and also to walk away from a situation when you need to.


Bobbie Myers has been doing yoga on and off for six years, but just started her Kidding Around Yoga chapter this year. She previously sold pharmaceuticals before beginning with Kidding Around Yoga. She took a teacher training course and became a licensee and an L.L.C. She has found that when kids get to middle school, “Moms and Dads are no longer cool.”  But kids will still look up to an influential adult, and a yoga instructor can be that positive influence.


Bobbie has a 2nd grade daughter and a 12th grade stepson. Her husband has worked for the city of West Palm Beach as a police officer for 14 years. She is a dog lover and has four dogs. She enjoys doing things with her family, like Fun Runs and the Amazing Race, and various other outside activitites that focus around family.

Stretching benefits the body in so many ways.

Stretching benefits the body in so many ways.

For more information about Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie, contact her at her number below. Bobbie also does Birthday parties and Girl Scout troop sessions. Her yoga sessions open to the public begin Sept. 12th on Mondays at Solara in Wellington at 6:00 pm.  It will be an 11-week program and you can sign up through her Facebook page or her website.

See a brief video of Kidding Around Yoga in action -


Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie

(561) 512-7288

Birthday Parties

Girl Scouts

Contact Bobbie

Like “Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie” on Facebook

“Just say OM!”


Alex Shaw, Overflowing with Talent


By Krista Martinelli

Alex Shaw has been playing guitar for just about six years, but he has come as

far as some adult guitarists will ever travel in their musical success. Just thirteen years

old, he’s a member of two bands. His latest project The Robotix is an international kids band consisting of kids from Texas, Los Angeles and Japan and the School of Rock . Check out their tour schedule: National AllStars band.  He can also be seen playing locally with his own band he calls, The Alex Shaw Band.  Alex also been privileged to attend the prestigious NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants) for the past four years, thanks to an endorsement he received when he was just 9 years old from Samick Music. Here’s Alex’s page on the Samick site:

“I get to see all the newest music gear before it comes out in the stores and I get to demonstrate the new line of guitars at the Samick booth. I also get to meet rock stars,” says Alex, who enjoys the opportunity to attend this annual convention that brings together over 100,000 people from the music industry. One of Alex’s favorite people to meet so far was Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, Gus G. Alex Shaw was brought up on classic rock, learning Zeppelin and Ozzy songs before learning any other type of music.


His first guitar teacher Mark Boreffi was responsible for that, giving Alex a foundation in classic rock and giving him the opportunity to play gigs with him just three months after beginning his guitar lessons. “Classic rock never dies,” says Alex. Boreffi taught Alex until Alex was eleven years old, building a strong foundation and a love for being on stage.

Alex joined the School of Rock organization two years ago. It’s a performance-based school, where you join a band of like-minded musicians, beginning with Rock 101, then Rock 102 and then playing in seasonal shows, and in Alex’s case, the being a part of the House Band. The international School of Rock organization then selects through an audition process the top 1% of their approximately 17,000 musicians across the globe to create AllStar bands that tour the US each summer. Alex recorded a three-minute video of his playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” and then was accepted to take part in an AllStar band. He plays with other musicians – who come from all across the country and abroad.


The Robotix in action

His favorite music to play includes Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson, among many other classics. He loves the song Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. “I wanted a challenge and I’ve always loved that song, ever since I was really little and just playing Guitar Hero,” says Alex.  Here’s a video of Alex playing Cliffs of Dover –

I asked Alex who his favorite musician was that he’s ever had the chance to play with. He said Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. It was a benefit concert for the Kids Cancer Foundation, and Clemons was the special guest. Clemons invited Alex to play the blues song “Pride and Joy” with him on stage. “It was a long jam – definitely a night I’ll always remember,” says Alex. Unfortunately Clemons died about three months after that evening.  See Clemons and Shaw playing together on stage by visiting this YouTube link.


Alex Shaw owns six guitars.  He plays three or four of them regularly. For his eleventh birthday, he bought himself a Gibson Les Paul studio guitar, using tip money that he had earned. “It’s one of the best sounding Gibsons I’ve ever played,” he says. He also likes playing his Samick Greg Bennett guitars. “They sent the first one to me when I was nine years old. They play very nicely and have a great feel.”


Alex Shaw on stage with Clarence Clemons

“Samick Music Corporation has really supported Alex,” says Charlene Shaw, Alex’s mother. “The NAMM show has opened new doors for him. The people at Samick Music took Alex under their wing and have always treated him like part of the family.”

Alex has been recognized in other areas, in addition to his guitar playing, as an all-around terrific kid with good citizenship skills. In 2011, he won the Character Counts award, which is built upon six pillars of good citizenship. In 2012, he won the Brothers/Sisters Keeper Scholarship, which awards character, trustworthiness and community service.

He’s also won some awards for his writing. He wrote a memoir about the night he played with Clarence Clemons.  The Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards gave him a gold key at the state level and a silver key at the national level. There were over 255,000 submissions.

He’s played for a lot of different charitable causes, including the Kids Cancer Foundation, the Make a Wish Foundation, Tunes for Tots and Relay for Life.  His grandmother is a cancer survivor, and Alex has been happy to participate in the Relay for Life fundraiser for the past four years.

Where’s the best place to see Alex play Around Wellington?  His most regular gig is at Hurricane Grill and Wings in Royal Palm Beach (in the Costco plaza on Southern Blvd.) every other Friday night. Alex was traveling and playing all over the country (and in Canada) over the summer, but he’s back in action now and plans to start again at Hurricane’s soon.

The best way to follow Alex is by liking his Facebook page Alex Rocks!!” (with two exclamation points). You can also Google “” or subscribe to his YouTube channel at “But for now, Alex uses ReverbNation as his website and you can see the latest videos posted there,” says Charlene Shaw. Just visit to see it.


Currently, Alex takes guitar lessons with Frank Axtell at School of Rock. He’s a Berklee Music graduate, and “he knows everything there is to know about music theory,” according to Alex.

What does Alex dream of? “I love playing charity events and sharing my music to help those less fortunate,” he says. “I’d like to go to Berklee and get my music education first. Then I’d like to have my own rock band, go on tour and become a rock legend. I’d also like to be a good example in the business (clean and sober). It would be really good to start anew and bring rock ‘n roll back to the kids.”  Alex likes the tag line for The Robotix – “the next generation of rock has arrived.”

Alex is the son of a single mother and has a sister Krista, who is ten years older than him. Sister Krista is a make-up artist and also a talented singer.

“I love my Mom,” says Alex. “She’s been with me since the start and I call her my ‘Momager.’” Charlene Shaw is truly a rock Mom, as she books gigs, supports him, travels with him and is his biggest advocate.

“We have a little saying,” Charlene laughs. “If at first you don’t succeed, try again and do what your mother told you to do in the first place!” Alex also lives with his grandmother, and Grandma doesn’t miss a single gig.

Charlene Shaw runs the Petite Academy of Dance in Royal Palm Beach and is busy with her dance students, but still finds time to manage Alex’s music career. Alex has a great support system overall.

“Even if I just inspire one person with my music, then I’m happy. If someone is having a troubled time, music can lift them up,” says Alex, wiser than his years. “I’m so thankful to have all of these experiences already.”


Become a fan…Like AlexShawRocks!! On Facebook